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Awesome Prize Claw Game

Awesome Prize Claw Game

Awesome Prize Claw Game, zaful

Hey Zaful Girls! Women’s Day 2018 is gonna be lit with us! We are planning a special online event for you guys this Women’s Day. What do you want for Women’s day 2018? Do you guys want shopping chances? Or big coupons?

Please keep reading the game rules:

  1. Click the “PLAY” button to win free shipping chances, big coupons and Z points.
  2. Each customs has one Free chances per day.
  3. Share to one of the followers channels to get one more FREE chance each day( get 1 chance each channel, up to 6 chances each day).
  4. Game duration: Mar. 9 00:00- Mar. 16 23:59(GMT-6).
  5. Zaful reserves the right to amend and explain the rules of this activity. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Staff.


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