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How to dress when it is hot

How to dress when it is hot

casual dresses for when it is hotThe African temperatures do not leave your style either! How to dress when it is hot? If you do not know what to wear to fight the summer heat, follow some practical advice. In order not to give up a nice look, and a touch of comfort, there is nothing better than casual dresses for women.

Summer has officially begun and temperatures have made us understand very well, raising doubts when, in the morning, we find ourselves in front of the wardrobe without knowing what is best to wear: a ladies fashion top or a blouse?

How to dress when it is hot, top fashionableLet’s see how to combat the scorching heat by dressing properly.

What to wear

Choose breathable and comfortable fabrics: from cotton to linen (but avoid it if you sweat too much because it gets wet easily). Opt for natural fabrics that do not irritate the skin and do not stick after a day in the hot sun.

Pay attention to the choice of colors: colors can help you feel less heat. For example, white is perfect in the summer as it reflects most of the sun’s rays absorbing a minimum amount.

Pay attention to the colors also for a practical question: sweat. In fact, this is a sore in the summer, but you can make it less visible by avoiding bright colors that make any halos more evident, opting for dark blue, brown, black, white.

Choose comfortable and loose clothes. Avoid tight jeans because they create a truly torture sauna effect! Choose large, at the palace, to let your skin breathe and feel lighter throughout the day.

The ideal garments are a flared dress, which does not wrap the figure, skirts and t-shirts or matching tops, sandals and ballerinas open to the feet, gym shoes, yes, but in light canvas, cotton t-shirts, wide-shouldered shirts.

Get inspired on Luvyle and create your perfect outfit to counteract the scorching heat.


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